April 30 Update: No New Confirmed Case Reported in Jiangsu

2020年04月30日 10:21:43 | 來源:ourjiangsu.com

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Between 00:00 and 24:00, April 29, no new confirmed imported COVID-19 case was reported in Jiangsu, and 1 more such case was discharged from hospital. As of 24:00, April 29, 22 confirmed imported cases have been reported in Jiangsu, 17 of whom have been discharged from hospital and 5 were still under isolated treatment in hospital.

No new confirmed local case was reported on April 29. 631 confirmed local cases have been reported in Jiangsu cumulatively and all have been discharged from hospital.

On April 29, no new asymptomatic carrier was reported in the province. 2 asymptomatic carriers, both of which were imported from overseas, were still under centralized quarantine and medical supervision at designated hospitals.

Of the traced 13,637 close contacts with the confirmed cases and asymptomatic carriers, 13 are still under medical quarantine and 13,624 have been released.

Experts note that we are still faced with a complex situation in fighting against the pandemic. We need to take prevention and control as regular work with high vigilance and tight precautions. All those who visit or return to Jiangsu should comply with relevant regulations, fulfill their responsibilities by truthfully declaring their health conditions and travel histories, and make health declaration via “Jiangsu Health Code”. They should seek treatment at designated fever clinics as soon as possible, if symptoms such as fever and cough occur, and report their whereabouts in the previous two weeks.

Everyone bears the primary responsibility for his or her own health. The public is advised to maintain good hygiene by washing hands and ventilating rooms frequently, wearing masks when going out, refraining from spitting or littering in public places, and using a tissue or the elbow to cover the mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing. The public should develop a healthy lifestyle; keep a balanced diet and exercise properly; quit smoking and drink moderately; and pursue the peace of mind. Unnecessary gathering and travel are still not recommended, and social distancing should be practiced.

Please take proper self-protective measures should you wish to travel during the approaching Labor Day holiday. 


  2020年4月29日0時から24時までの間、江蘇省で新型コロナウイルス肺炎(COVID-19) 海外からの流入新規患者數がゼロで,また完治退院した流入癥例は1人新たに増えた。4月29日24時までの時點で海外からの流入癥例は累計22人と報告されており、そのうち、17人が完治退院で、5人が入院治療中であるという。







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